29 мая состоялась студенческая научная конференция на английском языке

Section 1: “Software Engineering”
Golovarchuk Artyom
Web-Technologies. Asynchronous Request or a Real-Time Connection.
Chuvilyev Konstantin
The Development ofthe Visual Designer of Network Models forSimulating Mass Queuing.
Petrov Alexander
Oracle Desighner Repository Extention for Sopporting ERM-Model.
Lugovaya Alyona
Developing Generalized Model of the Interface Sites Owned by TSU Web-Space.
Sokolov Daniel
Computer Science Paradigms and Modern Crisis
Zmeev Denis
Corporate Social Network as Microservice Architecture.
Egorov Artem
Developing the prototype of the universal service for the construction of various block-structures in web called «Glob».
Nurtazina Erke
Mathematical Modelling Evolution Processes of the Linguistic Sign’s Polisemy.

Section 2: “Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies”

Ilchenko Yegor
Road Signs and Traffic Lights Recognition in Real Time.
Zhukov Igor
Constructing the Surface for a Given Set of Points and Lines.
Sharikov Roman
Severgin Semen
Speech Parts Tagging using Hidden Markov Model and Open Corpora of the Russian Language.
Fateev Alexey
Creating a Prototype of Autonomous Robot Fire Fighter.
Gerasimova Maria
Development of Software Module in Matlab for Solving Incorrect Problem of Celestial Body Position.
Burtovaya Darya
Recognition of Personal Information in the Passport for Smartphones on Androids.
Skripnik Maxim
Implementation of Book Editor for PillarHub Application.
Brenchev Alexander
Developing new collections for Pharo.
Shatalov Ivan
The TSU schedule for Android.
Ivanov Sergey
Design of the backup system.
Section 3: “Applied mathematics”.
Sevostyanova Margarita.
“Multi-stage Queuing System MMPP/(GI/∞)ᵏ Subject to Extremely Rare Arrival Process Transitions”
Ulyanova Yekaterina.
“Diffusion Approximation of Manufacturing and Selling of Perishable Products”
Katayeva Yelena.
“Application of Synchronism Identification Algorithm to Meteorological Time Series”
Sirenko Michael.
“Uniform Law of Large Numbers for Indicator-based Statistics”
Mitrofanov Yevgeniy.
Tretyakov Dmitri.
“Actual Problems of Collaborative Filtration”
Boronikina Yelena.
“Exact and Heuristic Methods for the Travelling Sales Man Problem”
Ovchinnikova Tatyana.
“Training Program on the Subject “Treap”.”
Solovey Marina.
“The Use of Fuzzy Logic for Solving a Problem of Psychodiagnostics”